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“He’s not the naive youth he once was,” says Metcalfe.

Metcalfe’s personal struggles didn’t spill over into his former workplace.

Since then, he’s been fighting to regain control of his life—and rebuild his career.

He starred with Michael Douglas in last month’s thriller for two episodes, with his character now a 28-year-old divorcé.

Because of those Internet reports, “I had casting directors going, ‘He looks a little puffy,'” says Metcalfe. “I was being excessive.” But Metcalfe hasn’t given up alcohol—or the club scene—entirely.

“It was a very clear example of how bad publicity can keep you away from work.” His emotional turmoil soon boiled over. He chose not to continue attending AA meetings (“Some people love it,” he says, but not him).

“Jesse and I went through a lot together during that first year, and those kind of experiences bond you for life.” It was after that 2004 first season, as his character began appearing less often, that Metcalfe “had too much time on my hands,” he says.

But this spree had been extreme even for him as he bounced from club to club, at one point being forcibly removed from a hotel. “When I finally made my way back home, I saw the look in my mother’s eyes,” says Metcalfe, now 30.“I don’t think I’m destined to be the eternal bachelor,” he says.“Something tells me that that’s not in the cards for me.Eva Longoria The 'Desperate Housewives' beauty insists she would never date someone she starred in a movie with as she feels more like a sister to them. I've always seen actresses who constantly date their leading men or somebody they co-star with, and I've been the opposite.When asked if she'd ever had to work with an ex-boyfriend, she said: "No, never. "Once I act with you, I feel like you're my brother, like Jesse Metcalfe ('Desperate Housewives') and now Jencarlos (Canela, on 'Telenovela').